QR Code Plaques Complete

We are pleased to say that Anne Gibbs (below left) has made the final touches to the Eco Llynfi QR Code Plaque. The plaques were shaped by hand out of clay and fired three times in order to get the finish which you can see below right.

IMAG2509 IMAG2506

The QR codes and wording were designed by Hyder Consulting and sent over to Anne to be printed as decals, much like those used for model planes, and then glazed and fired for the final time.

We are now ready to finalise the content on the blog and make sure the locations are correct. We will soon be sending over some tips on the right applications to read the QR codes and how to make the most of the codes.

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Films to explain Green Infrastructure

So what is Green Infrastructure (GI) anyway?? How do you explain it to people…

Some of the work from the Llynfi was recently presented to a group from the Valleys Regional Park. They loved the ideas but felt that features such as Caerau Market Garden’s sustainable urban drainage system and productive hedge could be brought to life with some film.

Here’s an example of one that they made for the valleys community tourism ambassadors.

If you want to see more of the films made by Luke Maggs from Natural Resources Wales then check them out below… If you would like a specific Llynfi environmental project made into a film get in touch by leaving a comment or via Twitter


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Learning About Nature at Maesteg Washery

Sustrans Cymru organised a great celebration of the nature project carried out on the former Maesteg Washery Site.

Jony Easterby encouraged students at Maesteg Comprehensive School to spread a wildflower mix on the site – and even some of the adults joined in…

Environtmental Artist Jony Easterby tells watching students and community members about the project

Environtmental Artist Jony Easterby tells watching students and community members about the project

Take a look at some of the photos on the link below.


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Maesteg Landscape Art Celebration Thursday April 18th

Join Sustrans Cymru on Thursday 18th April at 13.30pm to celebrate the launch of our impressive new land artwork in Maesteg.

Spanning over a hectare of reclaimed land, which was once the site of the old Maesteg Washery, artist Jony Easterby has transformed the space into an attractive environmental land art piece featuring a wetlands area, a walkway, a stone wall feature, and a variety of trees and plants all set against a stunning Valleys backdrop.

Opening of Wetlands at Maesteg Washery

Opening of Wetlands at Maesteg Washery

The site will become a living laboratory in which visitors and students will discover and learn.
The scenic Llynfi Valley Route has also been extended by an additional 3km, winding through Caerau and Croeserw along a lovely traffic-free path. It now joins up with the picturesque 9-mile Afan Valley route through the Afan Forest, providing fantastic opportunities for tourism in the area.

The artwork and new route have both been funded with support from the European Regional Development Fund through the Welsh Government as part of the Valleys Regional Park partnership, and form part of Sustrans’ exciting Valleys Cycle Network project.

Please join us at the school reception at 1.30pm from where we will walk to the artwork for the opening ceremony, followed by a buffet and refreshments at the school. Everyone will have a chance to contribute to the future aesthetics of the artwork by scattering wildflower seeds.

If you are travelling by car please park on the road outside the school.


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Easter tree planting on the Caerau Park Estate

Following the research and planning done by Eco Llynfi there were 2 days of tree planting on the Estate.

Though the sky looked blue when this Easter photo was taken, the ground was hard and cold when 30 trees were planted near to the community garden off Maes-Yr-Awel at the end of March.

Trees were planted on the eastern end of the Estate. This land has great potential for new woodlands.

Trees were planted on the eastern end of the Estate. This land has great potential for new woodlands.

Take a look at the Caerau Park Estate pages for more information on the tree planting and the wider proposals for managing rain water and the environment on the Estate.

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Producing the QR Code plaques

Thank you to all in the Eco Llynfi Community who have contributed ideas, suggestions and stories that have helped to shape the selection of locations for our first ten QR Code plaques (We will reveal the locations very soon…).

We’ve been busy working away to finalise the locations of the ten QR Codes lately and progressing project work on our key sites. Below is a progress update on the QR Codes:

– We are currently working with the Eco Llynfi Community to produce content to be hosted on the Blog that the QR Codes will link to
– Our local artist has started to produce the ceramic plaques which will be positioned at the ten locations in the Llynfi Valley. An unglazed plaque is shown below

QR Code Plaque

You may have noticed a new tab appear on the menu of our Blog – ‘QR Code Resources’. Keep an eye open on this section over the coming weeks as it updates with content produced by the Eco Llynfi Community that the QR Codes will link to.

We thank you all for your support so far!

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Maesteg Welfare Park – new bridge installed!

This new bridge has been added to the park as part of the wider project to connect local people to the natural assets of the Llynfi.

The Friends of Maesteg Park are delighted with the result and its strong professional finish.

Bridge1 Bridge2

This is the first of many exciting improvements to Maesteg Welfare Park…what do you think? Should the new bridge be the subject of exciting new QR Code interpretation? let us know and spread the word with this poster as detailed further in our blog post

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Creating the first 10 Eco Llynfi QR Codes

Tuesday night’s Eco Llynfi meeting sowed the seeds of the Eco Llynfi Community.

People started to generate ideas for where the first 10 Eco Llynfi QR Code plaques could be positioned, and what content they should relate to. For example there was a strong chance Maesteg Comprehensive students involved in the wetland project would make a video about their work, just like the YouTube clip they did for the community growing project.

How to make the first 10 stories inspiring

As one community representative said at the meeting, the important thing for the content behind the QR Codes to be successful is to ensure that they relate to interesting stories and information that has longevity. In order to look towards the future, we should sometimes look to the efforts that people have given in the past. For example, the legacy of Maesteg Welfare Park was a result of works largely paid for by the people of the valley.

When and how to get your story featured as one of the 10?

By Friday 15th February we are asking you to circulate the flyer below to spread the word and get your Eco-Stories; locations, history and aspects of the natural environment of the Llynfi Valley that should be shared with others through the use of first 10 QR Code plaques. Here are 3 ideas:

1. You can copy the image below and attach it to an email

2. Post this image on your Facebook wall and tag your friends names to generate ideas

3. Tweet this image to both @EcoLlynfi and your friends and use the hash tags #Llynfi #Eco

Get back to us by Friday 15th February. We will work with you to create a page on this blog (or link to an existing website) and then get the plaques produced for you to have and install at your site.

Eco Llynfi blog

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The first Eco Llynfi Engagement Meeting

The first Engagement Meeting of the Eco Llynfi Community is currently in progress at Maesteg Comprehensive School (started at 4pm). This blog is being sent live from the meeting.

The purpose of the meeting is for the Eco Llynfi Community to update each other on the various projects and engagement mechanisms being used, and for key individuals in the community to start connecting together their knowledge and skills.

In attendance were key members from different projects and Eco Llynfi partners:
• Caerau Market Garden
• Caerau Park Estate
• Maesteg Rivercare
• Maesteg Welfare Park
• Western Valleys Woodland Opportunities
• Valleys to Coast
• Bridgend County Borough Council (Elected Members and Officers)
• Groundwork NPT


Introducing the Eco Llynfi blog and Twitter as a way to promote learning

Those in attendance have been given an introduction into how this blog acts as a news feed on the progression of the different projects, but also as an education resource to engage in the natural environment of the Llynfi Valley.

As part of this process, the Eco Llynfi project team are providing a live demonstration of how to blog and Tweet as well as encouraging the Eco Llynfi community to prepare material to populate the blog.

Ultimately, Eco Llynfi will create an engagement and education legacy for the community as over time responsibility for the content and maintenance of this blog is passed over to individuals within the Eco Llynfi Community.

Plaques and QR Codes at the different sites

The Eco Llynfi community are starting to think about what sites or stories would benefit from innovative QR Code interpretation plaques. The use of QR Codes is explained in an earlier blog post here. The group have started to generate ideas for locations, and will be engaging with the wider community for further suggestions and content.

Look out for our new flyer being handed out around your community, requesting your stories and ideas.

Think about the impact of invasive species on local habitats

As a ‘homework exercise’ we are developing thoughts on the impact of invasive species on local habitats – perhaps in our back gardens or local park.

This will form a new part of the blog and provide information for the Community on different species, and perhaps ways in which they can be maintained or safe guarded.

Thoughts will be developed at the second Engagement Meeting in the coming weeks that focuses on content….

We want your views….

We’re keen to hear your thoughts. What stories are there to be told in the Llynfi Valley? Do you have ideas on suitable locations for new QR Code interpretation? Let us know…

Twitter: @EcoLlynfi

Email: EcoLlynfi@gmail.com

Blog: Eco Llynfi

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Mapping Eco Llynfi

We have now added a map to the ‘About’ section of the blog, showing where the key Eco Llynfi projects are located in the Llynfi Valley. Is there a project close by to your neighbourhood?

After a fantastic Saturday of beautiful weather in the Llynfi Valley, how did you engage in the natural environment? Let us know…

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