Producing the QR Code plaques

Thank you to all in the Eco Llynfi Community who have contributed ideas, suggestions and stories that have helped to shape the selection of locations for our first ten QR Code plaques (We will reveal the locations very soon…).

We’ve been busy working away to finalise the locations of the ten QR Codes lately and progressing project work on our key sites. Below is a progress update on the QR Codes:

– We are currently working with the Eco Llynfi Community to produce content to be hosted on the Blog that the QR Codes will link to
– Our local artist has started to produce the ceramic plaques which will be positioned at the ten locations in the Llynfi Valley. An unglazed plaque is shown below

QR Code Plaque

You may have noticed a new tab appear on the menu of our Blog – ‘QR Code Resources’. Keep an eye open on this section over the coming weeks as it updates with content produced by the Eco Llynfi Community that the QR Codes will link to.

We thank you all for your support so far!

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