Caerau Park Estate

The Caerau Park Estate was built on land nearly 250m above sea level. Due its location it collects a lot of rainfall and there is little tree protection from the wind on the north west and north east sides.

Research carried out in 2011 by the Environment Agency and Welsh Water helped to shape some of the recent Eco Llynfi plans. A tree planting scheme for 70 trees and shrubs was agreed with Valleys to Coast worked and the Friends of Brynhelog in March 2013.

Later on in the month Valleys to Coast worked with the Friends of Brynheulog, Keep Wales Tidy and Bridgend County Borough Council to clear the land and plant the trees.

Looking north from Maes-Tr-Awel

Thirty trees were planted next to the footpath on the edge of the Caerau Park Estate. In time this mix of native species including field maple, alder, oak and others will grow to help protect houses from the impact of wind. The collection of trees will also help to connect to other habitats.



These native trees species complement those shown in the image above and will connect to other habitats.

More information about the Caerau Park Estate improvements can be found on the links on the right hand side. For future developments keep an eye on the blog section of the website and our twitter @EcoLlynfi


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