The first Eco Llynfi Engagement Meeting

The first Engagement Meeting of the Eco Llynfi Community is currently in progress at Maesteg Comprehensive School (started at 4pm). This blog is being sent live from the meeting.

The purpose of the meeting is for the Eco Llynfi Community to update each other on the various projects and engagement mechanisms being used, and for key individuals in the community to start connecting together their knowledge and skills.

In attendance were key members from different projects and Eco Llynfi partners:
• Caerau Market Garden
• Caerau Park Estate
• Maesteg Rivercare
• Maesteg Welfare Park
• Western Valleys Woodland Opportunities
• Valleys to Coast
• Bridgend County Borough Council (Elected Members and Officers)
• Groundwork NPT


Introducing the Eco Llynfi blog and Twitter as a way to promote learning

Those in attendance have been given an introduction into how this blog acts as a news feed on the progression of the different projects, but also as an education resource to engage in the natural environment of the Llynfi Valley.

As part of this process, the Eco Llynfi project team are providing a live demonstration of how to blog and Tweet as well as encouraging the Eco Llynfi community to prepare material to populate the blog.

Ultimately, Eco Llynfi will create an engagement and education legacy for the community as over time responsibility for the content and maintenance of this blog is passed over to individuals within the Eco Llynfi Community.

Plaques and QR Codes at the different sites

The Eco Llynfi community are starting to think about what sites or stories would benefit from innovative QR Code interpretation plaques. The use of QR Codes is explained in an earlier blog post here. The group have started to generate ideas for locations, and will be engaging with the wider community for further suggestions and content.

Look out for our new flyer being handed out around your community, requesting your stories and ideas.

Think about the impact of invasive species on local habitats

As a ‘homework exercise’ we are developing thoughts on the impact of invasive species on local habitats – perhaps in our back gardens or local park.

This will form a new part of the blog and provide information for the Community on different species, and perhaps ways in which they can be maintained or safe guarded.

Thoughts will be developed at the second Engagement Meeting in the coming weeks that focuses on content….

We want your views….

We’re keen to hear your thoughts. What stories are there to be told in the Llynfi Valley? Do you have ideas on suitable locations for new QR Code interpretation? Let us know…

Twitter: @EcoLlynfi


Blog: Eco Llynfi

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