Creating the first 10 Eco Llynfi QR Codes

Tuesday night’s Eco Llynfi meeting sowed the seeds of the Eco Llynfi Community.

People started to generate ideas for where the first 10 Eco Llynfi QR Code plaques could be positioned, and what content they should relate to. For example there was a strong chance Maesteg Comprehensive students involved in the wetland project would make a video about their work, just like the YouTube clip they did for the community growing project.

How to make the first 10 stories inspiring

As one community representative said at the meeting, the important thing for the content behind the QR Codes to be successful is to ensure that they relate to interesting stories and information that has longevity. In order to look towards the future, we should sometimes look to the efforts that people have given in the past. For example, the legacy of Maesteg Welfare Park was a result of works largely paid for by the people of the valley.

When and how to get your story featured as one of the 10?

By Friday 15th February we are asking you to circulate the flyer below to spread the word and get your Eco-Stories; locations, history and aspects of the natural environment of the Llynfi Valley that should be shared with others through the use of first 10 QR Code plaques. Here are 3 ideas:

1. You can copy the image below and attach it to an email

2. Post this image on your Facebook wall and tag your friends names to generate ideas

3. Tweet this image to both @EcoLlynfi and your friends and use the hash tags #Llynfi #Eco

Get back to us by Friday 15th February. We will work with you to create a page on this blog (or link to an existing website) and then get the plaques produced for you to have and install at your site.

Eco Llynfi blog

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