Eco Llynfi QR Codes

There are plans for a trial of innovative and engaging interpretation in the Llynfi Valley. The Eco Llynfi team will produce 10 QR Code ceramic plaques (similar to the pictured) for notable environmental sites in the Llynfi Valley. Read on below to find out how they will link the physical world to the virtual world…

QR Code

Technology for smart phones and portable devices

QR Codes are multi-dimensional barcodes. When ‘scanned’ with either a Smartphone or portable device, you are transported to a world of online content – usually a website – that the ‘code’ is linked to. The QR Code technology is regularly used in advertising campaigns to link users to more information on products. You often see them on the back of train tickets, bus timetables, business cards or even buildings. QR Codes are now increasingly seen as an innovative type of educational or cultural interpretation, giving added value to the visitor experience of an area.

Successful examples in Wales

A notable example of QR Codes is in Monmouth where Monmouthshire County Council has linked up with the online encyclopedia Wikipedia for the project ‘Monmouthpedia’. Over 1,000 special Wikipedia QR Code plaques have been produced and are now located on notable features and stories of Monmouth. When scanning the code, the user is directed to a Wikipedia encyclopedia page on the applicable feature or story. By storing within the code a link to a Wikipedia page for the item / place / story information can be derived to the user instantly creating what is effectively a self guided tour of Monmouth. The same will soon be happening in Maesteg…

Taking it forward from 5th February

The Eco Llynfi team will be asking different groups of the Eco Llynfi Community where they think the first ten QR Codes should be located and what information they could link up to at our first Engagement Meeting at Maesteg Comprehensive at 4pm on 5th February. The important thing for QR Code projects is that the online content is worthwhile and interesting for the user. To ensure this, at the Engagement Meeting we’ll be asking the community to start developing ideas for what should be included and of interest to visitors and residents wanting to find out more about the Llynfi Valley online.

What projects or special areas of the Llynfi Valley do you think should have new interpretation? Give us your thoughts by commenting below, Tweeting @EcoLlynfi, or by email:

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5 Responses to Eco Llynfi QR Codes

  1. We used QRpedia codes in Monmouth to give people information in their own language ( Let me know if you want any help setting it up to be multilingual

  2. Roger Bamkin says:

    Monmouth used QRpedia codes – obviously you don’t have to do the same. But hope that the Eco Llynfi have read about how Monmouthpedia works.

  3. Eco Llynfi says:

    Roger and John, thank you both for your comments. We have watched with interest as QRpedia has developed, back from the Derby Museum days… would be keen to discuss and explore with you as the project progresses and would appreciate your knowledge and skill. Our first engagement meeting with community groups is coming up next week where we will start to develop ideas for locations in the Llynfi Valley that have a story to tell.

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