Shelter Belt

The western and northern edges of the Caerau Park estate are quite wild and unforgiving environment as the grazing sheep eat everything that grows.

The small areas of tree planting carried out in early 2013 will grow in time to form a shelter belt which softens the edges of the estate, enhance drainages and encourages a micro-climate. There are numerous benefits from planting a shelterbelt.

  • Reduce wind speed, preventing damage to smaller shrubs, broken fences and blowing litter around;
  • Create shelter, allowing a wider range of plants to be grown;
  • Provide shelter for pollinating insects, enabling garden fruits;
  • Reduce moisture loss from soil and plant foliage;
  • Provide protection from driving snow;
  • Screen unsightly views and increase privacy
  • Reduce heating costs to greenhouses and dwellings
  • Provide a habitat for wildlife, especially if made of mixed species

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